What are the Measurements of the Love Letters?

We have 3 x types of Love Letters for Hire and the measurements are as follows: 

Giant 1.8m Love Letters  – 1.8m high x 1.3m long x 50cm deep per letter expanding over 5 meters 

Light Up Love Letters – 1.5m high x 1.2m long x 25cm deep 

I Love U – 2m high and vary in width 

Can the Letters be Used Outdoors?

Our Giant 1.8m Love Letters and I Love U love letters can be used outdoors as well as indoors

Light Up Love Letters are for indoor use only as they require power and for safety reasons water and electricity do not mix

What happens if it rains?

Our Love Letters are waterproof and are okay should it rain.  However, if the weather is forecast for heavy rain and bad weather conditions the Love Letters will not be used outdoors.  If they cannot be installed indoors or a location for them to be protected no refund will be issued.

How Long is the Hire?

The hire of our Love Letters is for 1 Day or overnight.  We will arrange to deliver the Love Letters on the Day of the wedding and pick up after the event by arrangement with the venue.  Some cases we may need to leave the Love Letters overnight and pick up the following day.  There are no extra costs for overnight.

Are we okay to use them for Photos?

Our Love Letters are perfect for photos.  Have some fun with our Love with your photographer.  Please treat them with care and they will give you some amazing photos to remember.

Can they be used indoors?

Yes, they can be used in doors but however due to the size of each letter we must have clear and easy access to install them.  For any reason, we cannot install them on the day due to dimensions not be being provided on any party’s communication they will not be installed and no refund will be issued.

Can we inspect the Love Letters?

Yes and you most welcome to and we do encourage for you to have a look to get a real feel of their size.  Please contact us to make an appointment to have a look

Can they be decorated?

Yes, they can be decorated please contact us to discuss what you would like to decorate them with.  Flowers, lighting etc.  All decorations need to be approved by us prior as damage to the Love Letters will not be tolerated.